29 February 2008

Kool-Aid Cynics For Obama

"Holy Crap lets just all hold hands and drink the kool-aid!"

This movement can look unbelievable to a cynic who has become numb to the political system and the sorry state it is in.

This movement can look odd in its power and commitment because the generation just after the baby boomers has really never had someone to believe in or a reason to believe so deeply. But perhaps now we do.

Other politicians say: "I can do this for you."

Obama says: "We can only do this together."

Isn't it about time we mend the divides of race, religion, politics, color, and creed and come together. Barack is a great man, but just one man, and he will need our help to make sure our voices are heard in Washington and in the Board Rooms.

Make your voice heard. Vote in your primary and the general election.

Regardless of your choice, make your voice heard!


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