28 December 2007

Rolling Into The New Year

We are back from Ohio just this morning - we left there at 6 AM and got here about 730 AM. Tired!

where we saw Sweeny Todd (Excellent if you don't mind gushers of blood), Alien Vs. Predator (no), and Hairspray (wonderful funny catchy musical). We played tons of Scrabble but I only won once. Ate lots of food. Cooked a few vegan things which everyone enjoyed but I still get hassled on the vegan front. I don't know why people get so bent out of shape about my culinary choices, maybe 'cause my choice makes them think about their choice. I think we forget that we have choices even on the most mundane things in our lives.

I talked to David and Andrew on Christmas Day in MN. They sounded like they were having a great time with their family up there. Snowy and cold. Can't wait to see them soon. Gotta get them to come out here for New Year's weekend next year (hope you are reading this guys!).

Its Friday and just finished working out and am headed out to dinner with Charlotte and Cassie. Then we are picking up a friend of hers at the airport at 1130 or so.

Its 5 degrees or so and dark. Winter solstice may have come and gone but the darkness is only creeping away reluctantly.


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country girl said...

Glad you made it back safely. We arrived home about 3:30 this afternoon. The drive was pretty good; no snow over the pass. Saw bumper stickers for Obama and for Ron Paul. Go figure.