24 December 2007

Christmas Eve Day

We celebrated Christmas yesterday over at Patty's. Played Rock Band - this year's ubiquitous XBox game where everyone can be a guitar hero. If you don't know what that is, I don't have time to explain.

This morning we celebrated Christmas morning, the day before. Lots of great gifts. Mostly books that I'd asked for on my Amazon wish list. That's were I send things I'd like to spontaneously buy but know I'll only be disappointed if I do. Clicking "Add To Wish List" is almost like buying it.

Eventually I realize the error of my ways and delete the bad stuff. But the good stuff stays and with luck gets bought either by me or someone else for me. The trick is to delete all the bad stuff before your birthday or Christmas!

We will play Scrabble today and read our books and eat.

I'm hoping for a long walk in this gray cold Ohio day. Walks on bad weather days are more cathartic than walks on good days.

More on walks another time.


1 comment:

Yogamum said...

Merry Christmas! My kids are getting Guitar Hero III which is a blast. I hear Rock Band is even better!

We're going to play Scrabble later, too!