08 November 2007

Ten Things I Am Grateful For Today

In no particular order except for No. 1!

1. I am flying to NYC and get to see my kids all weekend. How great is that?
2. US News and World Report College Website - makes finding possible schools a snap.
3. My wife Charlotte (who is in San Diego while I am in NYC - bummer).
4. Restaurants in NYC. We are celebrating Andrew's birthday on Friday and eating at a restaurant he picks. He knows all the good ones.
5. Candy Hostel.
6. The banana bread I made last night. See last post.
7. My friend Alexandre who I might get to see tonight.
8. My best friend Stevie. He was my best man and I get to hang with him on Saturday.
9. Moveon.org
10.Today's beautiful blue sky that outlines the Rocky Mountain skyline outside my windows!


1 comment:

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

enjoy NYC and all that it has to offer! going to Candle 79? I'm headed to SD myself this weekend and can't wait. Moveon.org rocks!!!