01 October 2007

The World Is Large

But walking up the road through Whitter Gulch I have to say that this tiny little valley is huge.
You could spend your whole life here walking the trails and climbing the cliffs and watching sun set over and over again. And it would be different every single time.
The leaves in the Fall here are as beautiful as any place on this fair planet and as remarkable as any Rembrandt or Picasso. When the streams flow with the force of the Spring snow melt and hurdle down the mountain, it is as mesmerizing as Niagra Falls. When the winds blow at 0 F. and the trees bend under the weight of yet another all night blizzard it is as remote and serene as almost anywhere. The air is cleaner than any place I've ever been.
There are probably a hundred thousand trees in this valley and every day they are amazingly the same and different. Just like me.
I understand those who travel the world - I've done that. But now I want a smaller journey - but for all that no less large.
Wherever you are as you read this is no doubt just as huge, and I invite you to start your huge journey up your small valley.
Perhaps we will meet at the top.


Gigi said...

This is a beautiful picture. I to love trees and love to run through them. Also a very nice write!



Asana Bear said...

Thanks for visiting!