19 October 2007

Top Ten Reasons This Man Is Laughing

And the Number One reason this man is laughing:
1. "Al Gore can predict the end of the world, but I can make it happen with one phone call!"
2. "According to Cheney, Putin and I are both going to get third terms."
3. "How in the hell do you have a "wide stance" when you're sitting down?"
4. "41 never had this much fun!"
5. Just finished listening to Ann Coulter on Jews: "Ha, you tell'em Annie"!
6. "Bill's gonna be a first lady, har!"
7. "The Democrats are going try and override my veto, oh..oh stop it!"
9. "Good lord that Coulter is good looking."
10. "Dick, Dick, bring the popcorn, this new "Rendition" movie is hilarious!!

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