14 October 2007

Running Fast or Hardly Running

I have run a few marathons (PR 4:45 in NYC), which for a 6'4" 50 year old guy isn't too bad. Though I have to say that running has never been about time for me if only because I can't run that fast! For me running is the sense of strength, of accomplishment, and a sense of ease that comes with achieving a goal. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as finishing a tough run with some extra energy to spare. But I havn't run in years in any real sense of that and so am starting out a long, long ramp back into form and perhaps another race.

But mostly I just want to be able to run up Bergen Peak which is a few miles from me here in Evergreen, CO, stand at the top in some bright sunshine, and look down with satisfaction at the long trail I've just run up without blowing an artery out.


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