10 October 2007

Roshi Lenscrafters

How do you find enlightenment? Is it something you find? There are those who say it was never lost; just a bit perhaps like misplacing your glasses. You know, you don't realize for a while that the world has gone fuzzy. And then suddenly something makes you look for your glasses. I suspect that is what sitting in zazen is all about. We sit so that we can notice the need for glasses. We suddenly realize the world is fuzzy rather than clear as we had thought. And we find our glasses in that moment and see it as it really is.
I haven't sat in a long while. I am not sure why that is. I know the world is fuzzy. I"ve gotten that far in my practice. But there doesn't seem to be anyplace to get my "glasses in an hour." No Roshi Lenscrafters in the Zen Mall. I'm impatient by nature. You would think sitting would have cured me of that but so far, nope.
That's it. Om shanti ya'll.

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