10 August 2007

Corn, Asparagus, and Vegan Ravioli

The last post was all about my Dad dying 25 years ago. Not the happiest topic, thanks for bearing with me. Dad was a steak and highball kinda guy. I am not sure at all what he would have made of my veganism.

But I can tell you what I made for dinner: Corn, Asparagus and Ravioli. My receipe.

Two ears of the freshest corn you can muster.
Bunch of dried thyme
Couple of tablespoons of E. V. olive oil.
Bunch of minced garlic...more is more in my book.
Big bunch thin asparagus sliced into thin pieces.
Vegan ravioli of your choice (I like herb and garlic).

Scrape the corn off the cobs. Cook in hot olive oil with garlic until its bubbling. Add a tablespoon of dried thyme. Remove from heat. Boil water for the ravioli and toss it in. When its almost done, toss in the asparagus. Let it all come back to a boil. Drain. Toss in the pan with the corn. Heat through until. Add lots of cracked pepper. Serve it up and love it!!


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1 comment:

Ken Albin said...

Sounds delicious! I'm a vegan too.