23 July 2007

Vegan Pizza, Vegan Vacation

I am on vacation this week. To start it off right, last night last night I made pizza on the grill. Its just a basic pizza dough. You slap it right on the grill and you get those wonderful marks from the grill. After one side is cooked then you flip it like a pancake and do the other side.

Once its cooked you can put whatever you want on it (I put garlic paste, fire-roasted diced tomatos, basil, parsly, a few mushrooms and black pepper finished off with a drizzle of olive oil. Charlotte made a great pizza for herself to but she choose fresh tomoatos.

Then back on the grill it goes until its "finished."

The weather was fine. My son David is visiting from the East Coast. We planted flowers, and read and watched re-runs of Scrubs. Today we are headed up to UC Boulder to take a tour. David is a senior next year and so is doing the college hunt.

Really, this is how to start a vacation!


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