13 March 2007

The Little Prince

"You talk like the grown-ups!"

That made me a little ashamed. But he added, mercilessly:

" You confuse everything... You've got it all mixed up!" He was really very annoyed. He tossed his golden curls in the wind. "I know a planet inhabited by a red-faced gentleman. He's never smelled a flower. He's never looked at a star. He's never loved anyone. He's never done anything except add up numbers. And all day long he say s over and over, just like you, 'I'm a serious man! I'm a serious man!" And that puffs him up with pride.

But he's not a man at all -- he's a mushroom!"

Perhaps you know these mushrooms too? People who try to quantify everything, measure everything, control everything. They are not terribly fun these mushroom people. But they are seemingly everywhere - just like mushrooms!

Many of them run for political office, or become accountants or lawyers. But its easier to see the very "mushroomness" of the politicians.

Hillary is a mushroom.

So is Rudy.

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