03 March 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I just watched the DVD "An Inconvenient Truth" - I know I am late on this viewing but I'd formed my own view on global warming long before the film came out. Global warming is real, I'd always thought from having read a zillion articles and other readings. But guess what, this film sums it all up in a crisp, concise manner that manages to disturb and motivate.

Shame on all those who can't see the inconvenient truth as something that is not political, not social, not religious, not anything but a frightening fact that has to be dealt with.

It's quite inconvenient. But so will the devastation to the planet in the next fifty or so years.

How will I answer my grandchildren - whether here or from the next life - if I don't at least try to help the change must to occur?

The old bogyman of environment vs. jobs just doesn't cut it, what job is worth anything if the environment is gone?

I can only hope that Barack will be as straight up on this is as he is on so many issues, and I hope Al Gore will endorse and support this Senator from Illinois.

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