17 March 2007

Blue Sky Mind

It's certainly one of those days.

One of those days when you are reminded that you simply can't trust your small mind - but have to open it up to blue sky mind.

Clouds and wind and night and lightening and birds and dust all swirl through to obscure it. But its always there, bright and beautiful. A few days ago I was insane with depression, sadness and Gothic-level morbid thoughts. Small mind was running the show.

Today I am happy, content and looking out at blue sky mind. I spent the day countersinking nails on our deck, testing stain on the side of the house and ate a huge rice krispy bar in the shape of an easter egg.

So which is real? Small mind or blue sky mind? If I say one or the other, that's small mind I think. So, don't know.

But no matter what I think - blue sky mind is there.

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