17 September 2006

Skiing Snow and Winter

Charlotte, Cassie and I drove up to Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to soak in the hot springs and have a massage. As we drove over the pass to Winter Park, it began to snow - it was practically a blizzard. On the way back from the hot springs, we could see all the slopes of Winter Park coverd in snow... can skiing be far behind? We stopped at the Dairy King in forgotten-name town just before I-70, and I spotted these skis. Offerings to the snow gods no doubt!!

What does this have to do with Bikram, zazen or running. Nothing.

Though it is easy to imagine while soaking in the hot springs, that such soaks obviate the need to practice any of these disciplines...

See you on the slopes!


Yogamum said...

Great photo!

Yup, it's almost ski season... you can feel the chill in the air!

Anonymous said...

Wow I thought I just saw this picture on someone else's blog - do you know someone with a cochlear implant?
Really like you blog!