12 August 2006

Greys Peak Sutra

In one of his earliest sermons, The Buddha stood beside a lake and prepared to talk to his disciples who had gathered there .

While he waited, The Buddha noticed a lotus blooming in the water of nearby muddy pond. He bent slowly down, clutching his robes, stepping a bit into the mud on the bank of the pond, and pulled up the Lotus - flower, long stem, root and all.

Then he held it up high so that all his students might see it. He stood motionless for a long time in the warm sun. water dripping off the Lotus roots, without saying anything. Arm held high with the lotus flower. He had a slight smile on his face and his eyes were wide and bright as he scanned the expressionless faces of his followers.

Suddenly his disciple, Mahakashyapa, smiled. He understood!

I offer up this picture to you in the same spirit (worth a click to get the full effect...)

Om Mani Padme Hum


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bigdawg said...

Awesome picture. Something about the mountain air and a flowing creek or stream that gives such a relaxing feeling.

And as Buddhism teaches, just enjoy the moment, and not try to capture, or freeze the moment. Life is continuous, so you must enjoy the moments as they happen.

Nice Blog!!

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