23 August 2006

The Gateless Gate of Zen

If you want to know what Zen is, this picture (that I took tonight during a walk with Charlotte) about sums it up as well as anything I've ever seen or read.

大道無門 The Great Way is gateless,
千差有路 Approached in a thousand ways.
透得此關 Once past this checkpoint
乾坤獨歩 You stride through the universe.

The "gateless gate" is in a yard on the shores of Evergreen Lake in Evergreen, Colorado in case you'd like to find it.



1 comment:

Ann said...

Great photograph. My boss came to work today with a Starbucks coffee cup that had a little musing about zen printed on it. The idea being that zen is thought of as detachment from the world, introspective and those who are in a zen mindset distance themselves from others. For me zen is freedom, no barriers, like no fences attached to the "gateless gate".
Namaste, Ann